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EcoSkills offers sustainability courses that combine quality with unmatched value for business professionals. Our certified courses, tailored for the evolving green sector, ensure that learners master the nuances of sustainability/ESG skills.

Our mission is to deliver the best value sustainability courses that empower and prepare green talents and executives for industry challenges.

Dive into EcoSkills to harness the latest ESG insights, all while experiencing the premium yet affordable education our sustainability courses provide.

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Sustainability/ESG Certified Courses

Skills upon completion

Leadership, ESG Awareness, Stakeholder Engagement, Materiality Assessment…

Skills upon completion

Reporting, Standards and Frameworks, Communication, ESG awareness…

Skills upon completion

ESG Ratings & Strategy, Project Management, Frameworks and Standards…

Short Sustainability/ESG Certified Courses

Skills upon completion

GHG Emissions, Scope 1, 2 & 3, Value Chain Emissions, Climate Change Trends

Skills upon completion

AI Awareness for Sustainability, Decision-Making, AI Integration into Sustainability Strategies…

Skills upon completion

Reporting Standards Awareness, Standards Methodology, Standards Basics

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Practical skill set in challenging ESG topics.

We deliver practical Eco skillfulness to help professionals build a blueprint and be competent and future-oriented.


Future-looking and relative content.

All certified courses are designed and driven by the latest market trends, informed by our professionals committee, and inspired by a forward-thinking approach to the look & feel of each course.


Engaged EcoSkills people.

Respectful of your professional status and training needs, we provide a finessed commitment and loyalty throughout your learning experience.

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Valia A.
Head of Science, Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association
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Collaboration with EcoSkills was a seamless and truly valuable learning process. The team brought a unique perspective to the ESG course considering both the needs and challenges of our stakeholders and the broader industry context. Course materials were well-structured and tailored to our organization's goals, ensuring that the content was relevant and aligned with our objectives.
George M.
Product Specialist, Siemens Healthineers
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I learned sustainability and ESG principles at my own pace while juggling my busy schedule. The interesting topics covered current case studies and how sustainability supports business goals, as well as practical methodologies and implementations. Anyone looking to connect sustainability and ESG theory with practice at an affordable cost should try it.
John F.
CEO, DS Hospitality, Member of S | One
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I enrolled in this online course to enhance my understanding of ESG and sustainability’s latest trends as a business leader. It explored various frameworks and standards that companies use, to meet stakeholder demands in a well-defined manner.
Michael D.
FP&A Controller, Ipsen
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As someone involved with finance, I found this course to be incredibly informative and relevant. Clear explanations on the link between ESG factors and financial performance, which helped me understand how incorporating sustainability practices can create value for businesses.

Stay informed & inspired.

As professionals delve into the essence of CSRD and its intended purpose, we unveil the major changes and their broader impact on EU companies. Businesses need to make strategic preparations and comply with this regulatory evolution, emphasizing the shift towards more integrated financial and non-financial disclosures. 
As climate change accelerates and stakeholder demands for transparency and responsibility grow, AI and ESG are becoming essential tools for improving ESG performance, managing risk, and innovating sustainability strategies. This merger improves data collection and analysis and aligns corporate objectives with global environmental goals.
In an era of visible climate change impacts, corporate decarbonisation is critical. Companies must integrate low-carbon technologies and renewable energy to align with the Paris Agreement. This approach not only mitigates environmental damage but also positions businesses for long-term economic benefits, highlighting their essential role in combating climate change.

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