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EcoSkills & KnowESG: Collaborating to Elevate Sustainability Education 


EcoSkills is excited about its collaboration with KnowESG, a pioneer in sustainability data and resources. This partnership marks a significant step in our mission: to democratize sustainability and ESG knowledge, making it accessible to every professional. Together, we’re committed to turning the tide in sustainable education and practice. 

At EcoSkills, sustainability and ESG aren’t just topics; they are our passion and purpose. Partnering with KnowESG, known for their robust handling of business sustainability data, enhances our ability to offer comprehensive learning experiences. This collaboration is a step forward in addressing the challenges of inconsistent ESG data and the prevalent issue of greenwashing. 

The KnowESG Sustainability Hub, with its commitment to providing clear, actionable ESG insights, aligns perfectly with our vision. Their resources cater to a wide audience, from those just beginning their sustainability journey to seasoned professionals, ensuring everyone has the tools to succeed in their sustainable endeavors. 

Their recent article, “ESG Voice: Skillfulness Delivered – The Importance of ESG Education,” highlights our dedication to making ESG knowledge universally accessible. KnowESG’s extensive resources, including their ESG Ratings page offer valuable insights as they aggregate information, publish ESG ratings, and provide sustainability reports from a huge listing of global companies across all the major economic sectors. The platform allows readers to check, at a glance, how their target firms are really performing from a diversified ratings standpoint (Refinitiv, Sustainalytics, and MSCI).  

The ESG Ratings page, combined with their news, events, and courses, makes KnowESG a useful tool for a one-stop shop for quick and comprehensive ESG information for decision-makers.  

EcoSkills proudly lists its comprehensive range of courses (Sustainability & ESG in Practice, Climate Change and Business Resilience, ESG Reporting and ESG Performance for Companies and Investors, on the KnowESG platform, amplifying accessibility to important sustainability resources. By integrating our curated courses into their repository, we aim to empower individuals and organizations with the necessary skills to drive impactful change. 

Collaborating with KnowESG brings us closer to our goal of embedding ESG principles in every aspect of business and personal decision-making as we pave the way for a future where sustainability is not just an ideal, but a practical, everyday reality. 



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