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EcoSkills Courses

Upon completion of payment, you will receive a welcome mail that informs you about the details of the course and your attendance. All courses are attended on a training platform under your personal account. You will always need to log in to this platform using the username and password you created when you enrolled.

Make sure you have a good internet connection while you attend the course as well as a device (e.g., computer laptop, desktop, or tablet).

You can change your account settings (e.g., personal details, credentials etc.) anytime following your first login to the training platform.

All accounts are individual. You cannot share your personal details or account with any third-party.

We suggest that you use accurate First Name and Last Name as these will be indicated on your certificate.

We value participants’ personal available time and progress. However, there is a limited time-based access to attend the course. The timetable to complete your course is 6 weeks. It is achievable according to the content. Timing starts when you receive your welcome email and complete your first access on the platform. If you need an extension, please send us a message here to provide an additional period of 2 weeks, before the timetable is expired. In case you wish to attend more than one course, an extension will be provided accordingly so that you have enough time available to complete all of them. We will make sure that reminders on behalf of instructors are regularly sent out to help you manage your time prior to the deadline.

The course is self-paced and recorded. There is no start or end date. That means that once you enroll, you can manage your own time as you want. The course content will resume where you left it. You will be able to move on with each unit only after you have completed the previous one.

You can let us know of your request here and we will provide you with new credentials to access your course the soonest possible.

The point of this course is to understand, learn and gain confidence that your knowledge can be put in practice once you have completed it. Your progress of the course carries over; however, we offer a second try to complete the test along with automated feedback on your performance.

If you still cannot manage to complete it successfully, there is a 15-day suspension period before you will be able to unlock your account and retake the test.

Instructors typically reply to any questions within 24 hours, except on weekends, when it might take a little longer. You can send your questions here  or send a message via your mailbox on the training platform. Look out for any notifications, as we will schedule get-together online live sessions to reply to any questions about the course and exchange views and thoughts with current and former participants.

It is not possible to download the content. You can only stream it online via the learning platform. You will be able, however, to download summary notes on your device.

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