Climate and Carbon Reduction Business Strategy (Certified Course)

Welcome to our certified course on “Climate and Carbon Reduction Business Strategy”. This complete course is designed to take you through the risks and challenges that your organization faces due to climate change. It will present the way to measure the most common parameters after identifying them and will ultimately allow you to improve your climate strategy and align it with the global goal of reducing and eliminating emissions. This is a perfect course for sustainability professionals, entrepreneurs, and graduates who wish to learn all about the latest progress in climate change. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate that will demonstrate your awareness and commitment to contributing to the fight against climate change. Join us to take your climate skills and strategy to the next level.


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Skills you will gain

Project Management
Climate Change Awareness
Measuring Footprint
Carbon Strategy
Goal Setting

Climate and Carbon Reduction Business Strategy (Certified Course)

The course will take you through the risks and challenges your organization faces due to climate change and guide you to improve your climate strategy and align it with the global goal of reducing and eliminating emissions.

You will explore all the latest scientific developments behind climate change and understand the way the climate changes and the challenges that humanity will face in the near future.

We will provide you with all the necessary information to understand what climate change means for the corporate world, as well as the risks, challenges, and opportunities of climate change.

Our expert instructors will guide you through a step-by-step methodology for measuring your carbon footprint and creating a comprehensive carbon strategy. Through a mix of engaging videos, case studies, and resources, we will also provide you with an understanding of the most widely used and demanding climate related tools, frameworks, and ratings (such as the GHG Protocol, CDP, and TCFD).

Join us in creating more resilient businesses and a more sustainable future. Enroll in our certified course on “Climate and Carbon Reduction Business Strategy” today.

Skills upon completion

  • Understand the science behind climate change.
  • Learn about the climate changes that we will face in the following years/decades.
  • Understand what climate change means for your organization.
  • Face the risks and embrace the challenges of climate change.
  • Understand how to measure your climate footprint.
  • Take your climate strategy to the next level.

Table of Contents

The first unit of this course takes a close look at the science behind climate change. We will look at the causes, natural and human-based, and impacts of climate change. We will also discuss the future climate changes we expect to face to understand the challenges societies and organizations will face in the upcoming decades.
In this unit, we will focus on the business aspect of climate change. We will take a closer look at the requirements in terms of strategy, discussing tools and methodologies to build and enhance your organization’s climate strategy. We will also discuss the requirements in terms of monitoring performance, as well as the goal setting practices that leading organizations around the world follow. Finally, we will take a closer look at all the latest climate-related regulations and legislations at the local, regional, and international level.
The third unit takes a closer look at the risks, challenges, and opportunities organizations around the world face today, and will face in the future, due to climate change. These risks, challenges, and opportunities will be examined under the lens of tools and methodologies organizations can utilize to identify and measure them, leading to increased efficiency and resilience.
In this unit, we put into practice the phrase “What you cannot measure, you cannot change”. We will discuss the most widely used tools for measuring an organization’s emissions (such as the GHG protocol). These tools will be discussed in a practical way that will allow you to understand the process, the implications, and the results, ultimately allowing you to enhance the organization’s emissions monitoring systems.
The fifth and final unit of this course will allow you to create or expand your climate-related strategy. This will be achieved through an understanding of the most common standards, frameworks, ratings, and initiatives to measure and report performance. It also involves setting ambitious yet realistic goals that will put the organization at the forefront of efforts to reduce and eliminate emissions and keep climate change at desired levels.

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Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone interested in understanding the implications of climate change to business and how to measure and report an organization’s carbon footprint. It is particularly relevant for: Sustainability – ESG Directors/Managers, CFOs, Corporate Affairs – Marketing – Communications Directors/Managers, Corporate Social Responsibility Directors/Managers, Environment, Health, and Safety Directors/Managers, Investor Relations Directors/Managers, COO’s, SMEs Owners/Directors.

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Head of
Course Development Team

George Markezinis

George is an Environmental Engineer, with an MSc in Environmental Management and Monitoring from the University of Plymouth. He is also a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional, and a lecturer at the New York College in Athens.

Through his experience, he is responsible for designing, creating, and delivering EcoSkills training programs. Over the last years George has designed various online training programs, while at the same time has delivered sustainability and ESG related trainings in professionals in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.


Mark K.
Director of Coca Cola Sustainability
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Our certificate

Our course provides a valuable certification of completion that can support your career goals. This certification can be a powerful addition to your resume, LinkedIn profile, or portfolio, and can increase your visibility and credibility as a sustainability professional.

The knowledge and skills acquired in this course can help you advance in your current role, explore new career opportunities, or develop your own business venture.


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