EcoSkills has successfully delivered ESG and sustainability training to the Forum SA executive team.

Forum SA training by Ecoskills

EcoSkills successfully trained the leadership team at the Forum SA premises under the subject “Charting a Sustainable Path: The Role of Sustainability and ESG in Shaping Forum SA’s Future.”

Specialised in providing accredited training services to professionals globally that emphasise sustainability, ESG and climate change, EcoSkills designed and delivered an exclusive training program for 12 management executives from FORUM SA, a pioneer in the exhibition industry, including the CEO, Thanos Panagoulias and the CFO, Stratos Apostolakos. The one-day program delved into important areas that are critical for modern businesses navigating the evolving fields of sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). Tailored to Forum SA’s specific training needs, the program covered key topics such as the business benefits of sustainability/ESG, sustainability/ESG strategy and its effective integration into corporate strategy, current and future trends, new regulations, and legislation, as well as the most widely used standards. 

Forum SA leadership team attended the training to further incorporate sustainability into its corporate strategy and culture and ensure that all business decisions reflect the highest environmental and social standards while fostering governance that shareholders can trust.  This initiative is a part of Forum SA’s broader sustainability commitment, that also entails employing sustainable practices in the planning and execution of its exhibitions with ISO 20121:2012 certification.

The Chief Learning Officer of EcoSkills, George Markezinis stressed that “the training seminar was designed by the EcoSkills team, based on Forum SA’s vision to become a leader in sustainable business practices. As a trainer, it was particularly encouraging to see the executives showing interest and eagerness to learn about the complexities of Sustainability and ESG“. The training not only provided the scope for learning, but also developed a meaningful dialogue on how these practices can be an integral part of shaping Forum’s corporate future. 

EcoSkills aimed to ensure that each participant left with a clearer roadmap for integrating these principles into their respective roles, thus fostering a culture that champions environmental stewardship, social responsibility and strong governance.”

After completing the program, executives acquired the insights and resources necessary to effectively carry out sustainability initiatives across the entire organization.

The Chief Financial Officer of Forum SA, Stratos Apostolakos, highlighted that “Participating in this training reinforced the essential role that sustainability now plays in financial and strategic decision-making at the highest levels. It’s imperative for our long-term success that we stay ahead of emerging trends and regulations, and this training has provided our leadership team with the insights to lead responsibly and effectively.”

With content spanning all the most recent and emerging trends in the industry, EcoSkills is a cutting-edge training platform that provides professionals from all industries with accredited, internationally certified sustainability and ESG training programs. Additionally, it collaborates with other businesses to provide executives with exclusively designed programs and trainings that seek to integrate sustainability and ESG into their company’s operations.  

You can explore the different EcoSkills online programs and learn more. 

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